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Ai Sessions Adobe Illustrator JSX Extension

When I’m working on my icon designs, I often have 4-5 Adobe Illustrator documents open at a time during a work session. Since icon design involves creating large collections of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of icons, I have them broken up into multiple files but find I need to copy a lot of icons between files.

It’s tedious and time-consuming to re-open the same collection of files every time I need to come back to a project on which I’m working. I created Ai-Sessions to make it easy for me to capture a snapshot of my work session so I can close the documents any time I want to work on something else, but quickly come back to where I was.

I simply go to File > Scripts > Ai Sessions then click “Save”. To re-open the same set of files, I do the same except I select the desired session from the drop down and click “Open”. The plugin re-opens all of the files. You can review the code below or grab the download of the latest version of Ai Sessions for Adobe Illustrator.