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IconJar Extractor


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This AppleScript droplet extracts icons from an IconJar archive and renames the icons using the tags set in IconJar.


  1. Download this script to your Mac computer and extract the ZIP file.
  2. Double-click the file named `JSON` and copy the extracted file to your `Applications` folder.
  3. Drop 1 or more IconJar files onto the IconJarExtractor droplet.
  4. The script will create a folder on your desktop named `iconjar-extractor`
  5. The icons will be extracted from your IconJar file and renamed using the tags you have specified in IconJar. If no tags have been specified, the name of the icons will be used. If no name has been specified, the script will error out.
  6. The renamed icons will be saved in a ZIP file in `~/Desktop/icon-extractor/{name}-{uuid}/out`

Changing Settings

The script supports some minimal configuration in the form of an INI file. If you save a file named **iconjarextractor-config.ini** to the Desktop of your computer, the script will automatically import it and change the internal default settings to those you specify.

The available options are:

Setting Accepts Description
logging 1 or 0 1 for true, 0 for false whether to enable logging
debug 1 or 0 1 for true, 0 for false wether to enable debug mode
output string A POSIX path the root output folder (default is ~/Desktop/iconjar-extractor/)
password * string The clear text administrator password to allow the script to perform privileged tasks (only writing to files/folders)
* Storing your password in clear text is risky. You should only use this script on your private computer and make sure only you have access to it, or lock it when not in use.


The script will write log messages to the Script Editor logger (for developers only). To enable logging, simply change the `logging` property in the script header to `true`, or add `logging = 1` to a `iconjarextractor-config.ini` file on your Desktop.

Debug Mode

This script also comes with robust debugging for help trouble-shooting. This is primarily intended for developers and for those requesting support. To enable debug mode, create a file on the Desktop of your computer named `iconjarextractor-config.ini` and add a line with the text `debug = 1`. The debug log will be saved to the root of your output folder.


The output folder location.


CAUTION! Saving an administrator password in clear text is inherently risky. In fact, it is not advisable. However, the script may require an administrator password to write to some folders. If you do not specify a password in the INI file, the script will prompt you for your password. The INI support is offered as a convenience but you use it at your own risk. in order to minimize the risk, the script will give you the option to automatically secure delete the INI file upon completion.

What is this for?

Icon marketplaces like Iconfinder can accept ZIP uploads and will use the names of your icons to automatically tag the icons. This script allows you to extract the icons from your IconJar files, rename them, and quickly upload them to Iconfinder without having to spend time manually re-tagging the icons.

Reporting a Bug

Please report any issues to the Issues page on github or via email at scott_at_atomic_lotus_dot_net.

When reporting a bug, please include as much detail as possible including:

  • The year and model of your Mac computer
  • The version of MacOS running on your computer
  • The IconJar file you're trying to extract would also be very helpful


You are free to use, modify, and distribute this script as you see fit as long as you maintain the copyright notices in the original source files. A link to the Atomic Lotus website would be appreciated as well. You must also extend the same license to users of your code. This is not to say that your original code must be open source, but the code from this project must remain free and open forever.

IconJar Extractor by :

Scott Lewis <>

Disclaimer of Liability

This script is offered AS-IS without any warranty or guarantees of any kind. You use this script completely at your own risk and under no circumstances will the developer and/or distributor of this script be held liable for damages of any kind including loss of data or damage to hardware or software. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this script.


I am happy to provide limited support at no charge. I am also available for hire for custom scripts and more complex support issues.

Change Log

2018-09-05 Fixed a bug in 'on increment_folder' that caused the script to error out when used as a droplet. For now the calls to 'logger' were simply disabled. A possible work-around is also to just use the app via double-clicking the desktop icon rather than by dropping files on the icon.
2018-04-29 Added support for an INI config file to change some settings. See "Changing Settings" above
2018-04-29 Added comments to all functions
2018-04-27 Added feature to allow users to save password in a text file instead of being prompted for the password every time a file is processed. NOTE: This is inherently risky. Use at your own risk. Securely delete the password file after use. This should only be used on a well-protected, private system
2018-04-27 Added 'on run' as well as 'on open' handlers to work as a droplet and double-clickable applet
2018-04-27 Hardened the fix for file paths with file paths with spaces and/or commas
2018-04-25 Added a dialog when the script finishes indicating the file location as well as a button to open the folder where the ZIP file containging the extracted icons is located
2018-04-25 Fixed a bug related to file names with spaces or commas (IconJar or icon file names) causing the script to break

Road Map

  • Create a cross-platform, native app in Electron.
  • Add ability to review and customize tags for each icon
  • Add option to update the IconJar archive with the new file names
  • Add ability to import icons to Adobe Illustrator or Sketch from the IconJar archive

Known Issues

  • Currently the script cannot handle file paths or file names with spaces
  • Currently the script cannot handle file names or paths with commas
  • There is an issue in the 'on increment_folder' method that happens only when run as a droplet. The calls to 'logger()' cause the script to error out. The work-around is to run the script by double-clicking the deskop icon rather than as a droplet.


Thanks to Hemmo de Jong a. k. a., Dutch Icon for help testing (and his patience)

Thanks to for graciously providing a free copy of the JSON Helper app for AppleScript to this project. Please visit their page and donate.