Ai Sessions

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Ai Sessions

Ai-Sessions is an extension for Adobe Illustrator that will save the file paths of all open Illustrator files in {MY_DOCUMENTS}/ai-sessions/ai-YYYY-MM-DD-r[0-9].json so you can easily re-open open documents in your "work session". The file paths are saved in a JSON object.


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  • Save your open documents as a "Session" to which you can return later, even after closing your documents.
  • Give sessions custom names for easy recognition
  • Delete sessions when they are no longer needed without disturbing your files.
  • Collect your open documents to a new folder.
  • Collect any session from your list without opening or locating the files.


This extension has not yet been submitted to Adobe Exchange (but soon). For now, you can download the ZXP file in this repository and use Anastasiy's Extension Manager to install. Anastasiy's Extension Manager is a fantastic app.


You are free to use, modify, and distribute this script as you see fit as long as you maintain the copyright notices in the original source files. A link to the Atomic Lotus website would be appreciated as well. You must also extend the same license to users of your code. This is not to say that your original code must be open source, but the code from this project must remain free and open forever.

Ai Sessions by :

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