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SkyBlue CMS is now on GitHub

All things must eventually come to an end. SkyBlueCanvas lightweight CMS is officially at the end of its life. I built the very first incarnation of the software in 2003. Over the course of 8 years I spent thousands of hours developing the software and providing support. All of this was done for free. The software was downloaded over 50,000 times. I had an opportunity to interact with many very nice people around the world and made a few good friends in the process. But it is time to move on to other things.

SkyBlue CMS version 1.1 is available on GitHub here. SkyBlue CMS version 2.0 is also available on GitHub. You are free to download or to fork either project as you see fit. Keep in mind that while I will not provide support and the code is free, the copyright is a legal agreement. If you download it and use it, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the GNU/GPL version 3.

Download version 1.1


It should be noted that the SkyBlue CMS version 2.0 code is not production ready. You will need decent PHP, Linux and debugging skills to be able to use it. I have included some very basic setup instructions in the README for the project. I will not be providing any support. The code is free.

Download version 2.0 (Alpha)



  1. Such a shame. I LUV SkyBlueCanvas. I'm a Detroit-based web designer and I fell in love with this solution last year. I've been using the crap out of it ever since for a bunch of different sites. I truly hate WordPress as well as Joomla so this lovely lightweight lil ditty has came in-handy for me.

    Bravo Scott. And good luck with all your future endeavors.

    • First of all, as the article plainly states, you can download the code directly from without having to tweet about it. I even provided a link directly to the code. If you had half a fucking brain you would have been able to figure that out.

      Second of all, I don’t owe you anything. I’m giving the software away for free by my choice. I am not obligated to make it convenient for you. What on earth makes you think you are entitled to it? What the hell is wrong with people?

      This is exactly the kind of attitude that led me to stop working on SkyBlue CMS. I spent years building the software and giving it away for free because I genuinely wanted to help freelance web designers and developers be profitable on small web projects. In the seven years I worked on this project and invested tens of thousands of hours in addition to my full-time job, I got almost no donations (maybe $1,000 total in 7 years) and only 1 developer ever contributed code back to the project.

      I love open source but honestly the majority of users of open source software are leeches who benefit from the hard work of others without paying a god damn thing for it and don’t contribute back in any way.

      So yeah, I’m a fucking twat because I have the audacity to ask somebody to simply tell a few of their friends about my software that they can then download for free. Everyone who isn’t a dick can thank this asshole for killing the SkyBlue CMS project. I don’t deserve to be abused in this manner.

  2. Thank you for making this lovely CMS, I really appreciate it. Best of luck with your future endeavours!

  3. install problem in version 2.0 (Alpha)
    this give here step-by-step instruction please

    • There are some basic instructions in this file:

      Beyond that I’m afraid I can’t provide any free support due to lack of time. As I stated in the README file, the version 2.0 code is for more advanced programmers only. The code is not finished and there isn’t much documentation. You are free to use the code any way you choose but as a rule, I am no longer supporting the project.

  4. This is why I quit working on open source projects. People assume that in addition to free software, I’m obligated to give free support and tolerate them being complete fucking pricks to me as if they were paying for any of this.

  5. Thank you Scott Lewis for your SkyBlue CMS development! I have made one site with SkyBlue CMS and found it very useful.

    Good luck in future projects!

  6. seems to be the only free flat-file database CMS thats also tasteful and works.
    What I miss is forum and API documentation that supposedly existed.
    There are some .txt files but why not have it centralised on web, seems like you are more than capable to set it up and let users communicate. Its a really unique project and deserves some nice web with high ranking on google. That way you could even make some money off of it…

  7. I don’t have Twitter account and I won’t register one. If you really
    must add such a retarded requirements, please at least warn about it
    somewhere… I’ve read about SkyBlue CMS, I had a look at
    the sources (GitHub) and when I decided – ok let’s install & test
    it, it turns out I can’t if I won’t agree to Twitter’s TOS, and I surely

    • First of all, I don’t owe you a god damn thing. If you had bothered to read the first paragraph of the text on the page listing the software, I DO PROVIDE A LINK directly to the download so you don’t have to have a twitter account. But fucking assholes like you are precisely why I stopped working on the software. I built this software and I charge nothing for it. You fucking leeches download it, don’t donate money or code are give anything back in return then you have the fucking audacity and just plane dicheadishness to speak to me like you have. And if you weren’t such a stupid fucking prick, if you were looking at it on GitHub you can download it directly from that page. So fuck you. Please DON’T DOWNLOAD my software. I do not want ungrateful, rude pieces of shit like you using the results of my hard labor. And anyone else reading this who thinks I’m being unreasonable, fuck you too.

    • So this coward sent me an email directly, still without including his/her real name and email and said the following:

      “I used this link, and found on GitHub “Sorry, there aren’t any downloads
      for this repository.”… Now I had a closer look and it turns out, that
      “there aren’t any downloads” doesn’t really mean that there aren’t any

      You’ve lied about what I’ve put as my e-mail – “” wouldn’t be
      even accepted. This “”, anyways, was to Disqus, not you. And
      AFAIR it was quite clear with full input, but you took these 2 words out
      of it. And now disabled registration-free commenting – nice
      direction… What’s next? “Login on Twitter/Facebook/Anything-That-Hates-Your-Privacy to view my website”?”- First – If you are too fucking stupid to figure out how to download from Github, I really can’t help you.- Second – I am giving you a free piece of software and demanding nothing in return. I ‘requested’ that you help me promote my work by tweeting about it but gave you a work-around. Is it so hard to at least be polite if you are not grateful?- Third – you could simply admit that what you did was incredibly rude and just say “thanks for the software and I’m sorry for being a really selfish piece of shit”.- Fourth – I am requiring registration because I really don’t deserve to be insulted and abused like this. What the fuck have I done to you to make you feel justified in being such a fucking prick?- Fifth – You absolutely said “Fuck you” in the email and I had no way of knowing it wasn’t directed at me since you had already insulted me in the comment.- Sixth – Please don’t use my software. You clearly are only interested in yourself and in being the vilest kind of person that the world needs far fewer of. Don’t preach to me about respect you shit. You clearly have no respect for me why should I give a fuck about your privacy?

  8. Hello, i feel really bad about asking for your support and i do not feel you owe me anything, just hoping you will help. I volunteer for Chelsea Theatre in London (you can look at their website if you like – I update and create pages for them but i’m not a great coder. They need video on their site but try as i might i can’t do this. Is there a way to do this or is it impossible. I also cannot seem to find any instructions. Are there any? It would be great if you can help, i really love this theatre and would like to be able to help. 

    • Hi Monica. There is a video plugin for version 2.0 of SkyBlue but not for version 1.1 (the version the theater is using). I’m really busy this week trying to meet a deadline at work but I will take a look this weekend to see how difficult it would be to modify the the video plugin for version 1.1.

      In the mean time, if you have the Snippets plugin installed, you can add video that way. I will send you an email so you can email me directly and I’ll explain how to do that.

      Unfortunately the documentation and instructions for SkyBlue are really weak or completely lacking. This is common problem with us open source developers because of limited time. Most of our time is spent on building features. I’m going to relaunch the SkyBlue site early next year and will focus primarily on really good documentation. That doesn’t help you now though. :-(

      As for feeling bad about asking, please do not. My earlier comments were directed at a specific individual who was really rude and insulted me for no good reason. I reacted out of anger and I don’t want anyone who comes to this site or who uses my software to feel like they are not welcome and I do not appreciate their interest in my work.


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