Still no silver bullet

From the time of publication of the essay “No Silver Bullet” in 1986, we have been looking for the silver bullet ever more diligently. ¬†Even the essay’s author, Dr. Fred Brooks, Jr., wrote a sequel called “‘No Silver Bullet’ Refired” that appeared in 1995. On a less grand scale, five years later, I gave a sad keynote address at Software Methods and Tools 2000, a part of which was a prediction that project management would become another failed silver bullet in this century.

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Problem 7: Cryptography 101

Cryptography fascinates the inner thief in almost everyone, from children who have tried to steal a cookie while their mothers were not looking, to professionals attempting to steal secrets. This interview question is a good one to discuss for a 45 minute hour to determine if a candidate understands the basic principles of cryptography as opposed to security.

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DNS Explained So You Can Understand

If you have thought about having your own domain, then you have run across the term DNS. DNS is neither incomprehensibly complex nor is it “just like a phone book for the Internet.” Instead, it is like a group of phone books, but each phone book is kept in a different room. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to learn what you need to know, and many steps only need to be done once. Continue reading