Still no silver bullet

From the time of publication of the essay “No Silver Bullet” in 1986, we have been looking for the silver bullet ever more diligently.  Even the essay’s author, Dr. Fred Brooks, Jr., wrote a sequel called “‘No Silver Bullet’ Refired” that appeared in 1995. On a less grand scale, five years later, I gave a sad keynote address at Software Methods and Tools 2000, a part of which was a prediction that project management would become another failed silver bullet in this century.

Sadly, all of the above predictions have turned out to be true. Continue reading

Easy and better passwords

In this morning’s mail I received a link to a good post about passwords and entropy and the like. There is so much cruft about passwords that it is difficult to reliably suss the good and the bad, but the above posting is both correct and reasonable. Sometimes I need a password, not a password system, and I offer the following as a free solution for you to use. Continue reading

Asking what you need to know

Bungled interviews go back a long way, and a mythological example comes to us from The Ring of the Niebelungen. Wotan, the God who had Valhalla built, and Mime, a dwarf, have a mutual interview that goes awry. At the start, they agree to bet their heads on their abilities to answer each other’s questions. Things do not go well. Continue reading