Icon Domains for Sale

About two years ago I got a bit obsessive about buying every icon-related domain I came across. Originally I had planned to develop the domains into valuable web properties and sell them, but I grossly over-estimated the amount of time I would have. So, I’m selling off my portfolio of icon-related domains. Some of these have very good SEO potential. I’m selling them for $10 each, or $250 for the whole portfolio.

If you are interested in any of these domains, contact me via the contact page or at twitter/@iconifyit.

  • avatar-icons.com
  • avatar-icons.net
  • businessicons.net
  • explorify.me
  • gestureicons.net
  • icon-avatars.com
  • icon-avatars.net
  • iconavatar.com
  • iconavatar.net
  • icondesignersguide.com
  • icondesignguide.comSOLD
  • icondesignhandbook.com
  • icondesigntutorial.com
  • icondesigntutorial.net
  • icondesigntutorials.comSOLD
  • icondesigntutorials.net
  • iconify.info
  • iconpulp.com
  • iconrevue.com
  • icons.newsSOLD
  • iconsvector.comSOLD
  • outlineicons.net
  • seoicons.net
  • solidicons.net
  • toolicon.com
  • touchicons.net
  • iconcrew.comSOLD
  • onlinevectoricons.com
  • onlinevectoricons.net

Choosing the Best Place Online to Sell Icons

Ramy Wafaa Illustration

In part one of this two-part article, I listed my favorite marketplaces for selling vector icons. There are a lot of similarities between the various markets for selling vector icons, but there are also some significant differences to consider. In this post I outline some important questions to consider when deciding where to sell your icons. Continue reading

Best Places to Sell Icons Online

I am a developer by trade but I design and sell vector icons for websites and apps to supplement my income. Icon design is also my favorite hobby. I do not devote myself to icon sales full-time but I was the Supply-side Manager and a Sr. Developer for Iconfinder, a marketplace for buying and selling premium icons, for 3 years.  I have devoted a huge portion of my life for the past 7 years to learning everything I can about icon design, who the most talented icon designers are, and knowing the icon market inside and out.

I encounter the question, “Where are the best places to sell (or buy) icons”? This post gives the details about the top marketplaces from a seller’s standpoint.

Continue reading