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Astui for Illustrator

I am excited to finally be able to announce that I worked with Astute Graphics to develop a demo extension for Adobe Illustrator to implement Astute’s Astui API which makes their amazing vector tools available via API for any app.

Astute Graphics are the makers of VectorScribe, Vectors FirstAid, and several other very popular plugins for Adobe Illustrator. The Astui API decouples their amazing technology from any one software product and makes it available via web API to any software or site that works with vector images.

The possibilities for this are very exciting. Tools like Smart Remove Points, Move to Tangents, Stroke Outline, and the rest of their vector tools can be implemented in XD, Sketch, vector image marketplaces, digital asset managers – any tool that works with vector images.

Atomic Lotus has a long history of automating design processes going back to 1998 when Scott Lewis, Atomic Lotus’s founder, built a print catalog production automation system using AppleScript, QuarkXPress, FileMaker Pro, and Extensis Portfolio.

The Astui for Illustrator extension is built using Adobe’s CEP (Common Extension Platform) and has the same look and feel as Illustrator’s native tools.

Because Astute Graphics already offers all of this functionality, and more, via their Illustrator plugins, this extension is intended to be a demo how-to for other developers interested in how to integrate the Astui API with their own tools and products.

To learn more about Astute Graphics’ excellent vector tools, visit

If you would like to discuss this code, a custom Illustrator extension, web development, or explore other partnership opportunities, feel free to get in touch via my Contact Page to set up a time to chat about your project or just to get to know one another.

You can grab the open source Astui for Illustrator code here: