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Adobe Illustrator Extensions & Scripts

I have added a new Downloads section to this site. In this section you will find a collection of Adobe Illustrator native extensions as well as Illustrator scripts written in JavaScript (technically, JavaScript Extension). These scripts and extensions were created to help improve my own workflow and now I am sharing them, free-of-charge.

My primary job is as a full-stack web developer but I also derive a good portion of my income from digital illustration and stock illustrations and icons. Creating, and especially publishing, an icon collection with hundreds, even thousands of icons, is a highly repetitive and time-consuming process. Most of these scripts were created to improve my own workflow and to automate as many of the repetitive tasks as possible. After all, icon designers only make money when creating new products. Everything else is a loss, so the more time that can be recaptured, the more time designers can spend creating new products, instead of doing the laborious tasks associated with preparing the files for upload to the various marketplaces.

Support Open Source Development

Donations help open source developers, who are often self-employed freelancers, continue to create free resources. You can donate to this project using the button below.


Yes, this is a shameless request for money, bu tperfectly justified. Hundreds of hours went into creating these scripts and they will save you dozens of hours every time you use them. You are not obligated to donate and you are free to use them whether you donate or not. But any donations are greatly appreciated.

If you have any issues with any of the downloads, feel free to let me know via the Contact Page, or using the Issues tab on the respective downloads.

Sharing on social media is also greatly appreciated.