Week of November 26, 2018

This week I am focusing on redesigning this site (atomiclotus.net) and optimizing several WordPress sites we manage for performance. The results will be written up in a blog post or series of posts in the near future.

Adobe Illustrator Extensions & Scripts

I have added a new Downloads section to this site. In this section you will find a collection of Adobe Illustrator native extensions as well as Illustrator scripts written in JavaScript (technically, JavaScript Extension). These scripts and extensions were created to help improve my own workflow and now I am sharing them, free-of-charge.
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Astui for Illustrator

I am excited to finally be able to announce that I worked with Astute Graphics to develop a demo extension for Adobe Illustrator to implement Astute’s Astui API which makes their amazing vector tools available via API for any app.

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What skills should a full-stack developer have?

Ramy Wafaa Illustration

I loosely follow various topics on Quora.com. Unlike many social media sites, I find that most of the answers to serious questions are respectful, well though-out, and cite references. Most of the questions I follow and answer are related to my role as an icon designer and web developer. I admit to occasionally getting sucked into a debate on religion or politics, but most of the time I successfully avoid these. A recent question piqued my interest. The question was, “What do I need to learn to build a site like Alibaba”?

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Best Places to Sell Icons Online

I am a developer by trade but I design and sell vector icons for websites and apps to supplement my income. Icon design is also my favorite hobby. I do not devote myself to icon sales full-time but I was the Supply-side Manager and a Sr. Developer for Iconfinder, a marketplace for buying and selling premium icons, for 3 years.  I have devoted a huge portion of my life for the past 7 years to learning everything I can about icon design, who the most talented icon designers are, and knowing the icon market inside and out.

I encounter the question, “Where are the best places to sell (or buy) icons”? This post gives the details about the top marketplaces from a seller’s standpoint.

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Adobe Illustrator Contact Sheet JSX Plugin

I don’t like performing tedious, time-consuming tasks, especially when those tasks are non-revenue generating, which means they take time away from things I could be doing to increase revenue. The most time-consuming and tedious task I have to perform over-and-over is creating contacts sheet previews of my icons. The problem is that every marketplace has different requirements for preview image sizes and so a new contact sheet has to be created for each marketplace.
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Ai Sessions Adobe Illustrator JSX Extension

When I’m working on my icon designs, I often have 4-5 Adobe Illustrator documents open at a time during a work session. Since icon design involves creating large collections of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of icons, I have them broken up into multiple files but find I need to copy a lot of icons between files.

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